What to pay attention to when preparing the color of gift box


The gift box adopts the principle of "from light to dar […]

The gift box adopts the principle of "from light to dark". Regardless of the preparation of light or bright colored inks, when the hue is close to the model, be careful. Ink produced by different manufacturers, do not mix and call, try to use different colors of ink from the same manufacturer for color tone, otherwise the phenomenon of uneven color tone will occur, and in serious cases, condensation will occur and the ink will be scrapped. In addition, whether the color tone of the ink is different before printing and after drying is a problem that is easy to ignore.

Generally speaking, through natural drying (solvent-volatile inks), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass and other packaging boxes, and the color will not change; but if it is a ceramic colorant, it is only after burning and oxidation. Color development can only be graded by experience. For screen printing inks that are dried by thermosetting and light curing, the color changes in shades, as mentioned above. When the amount of ink to be adjusted is large, an ink adjuster can be used to complete color adjustment in a short time.

The gift box is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of a polyhedron formed by moving, stacking, folding, and enclosing several surfaces. The faces in the three-dimensional structure play the role of dividing the space in the space. By cutting, rotating, and folding the faces in different parts, the faces have different emotional manifestations.

The composition of the gift box display surface should pay attention to the connection between the display surface, side, top and bottom, and the setting of packaging information elements. Only after styling attracts customers, can greater economic benefits be obtained.