What to pay attention to when making gift boxes


We usually like to buy gifts, but how much do you know […]

We usually like to buy gifts, but how much do you know about gift boxes? Do you know how many kinds it has?
1. Paper products, most of which are now seen on the market are paper gift box packaging. This kind of material has a relatively low cost, and is easy to degrade.

2, plastic products, some things have a certain degree of water solubility, paper packaging box is very easy to get wet, so use plastic packaging.

3, metal products, as a gift box, can be said to highlight the characteristics of the tall, can give people a metal texture, but also a relatively gift packaging material.

4. Bamboo products, this material brings people a natural and simple feeling, but the general cost is relatively high.

5. Glass products, glass ribbons give us a crystal clear feeling, which can show an extraordinary beauty, but it is fragile and the cost is too high to be suitable for promotion.

In short, there are many materials for gift box packaging, but from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, is it better to make paper products?

We can touch gift boxes everywhere in our daily life, so do you know what to pay attention to when making gift boxes? Among the paper materials, there are three kinds of board paper commonly used for making cartons: white paper, yellow paper and swatch paper. In product packaging, coated white paper is often used. In the selection of materials, we should first consider the form of the packaging item, whether it is a watery item, a wet item, a liquid item or a solid item, a high-fat item or a frozen item. The printing method of gift box production should pay attention to quality protection, sex, operability, convenience, commerciality and circulation. In addition, the purpose of the product, the sales target and method, and the transportation conditions must be considered.