What should be considered in the design of gift box design


1, the gift box should be safe and practical Safety sho […]

1, the gift box should be safe and practical

Safety should be placed first in any product. When designing a beautiful gift, the safety and practical aspects of storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use should be considered according to the attributes of the packaged gift. Packaging of different gifts may require different packaging materials, which needs to be determined according to the properties of the packaging materials and gifts. In particular, pay attention to the moisture, shock, pressure, and leakage of the gifts to ensure that the gifts are in any situation. In good condition.

2. Gift box packaging should be humanized

Excellent gift packaging design must be adapted to the storage, transportation, exhibition and consumer carrying and opening of gifts. To this end, in the design of the gift box, the proportion of the box-shaped structure must be reasonable, the structure is rigorous, and the shape is exquisite. The shape and material of the box type are beautiful, the contrast and coordination are beautiful, the rhythm and rhythm are beautiful, and the box of the gift box is sought. The structure is complete in function and exquisite in appearance, so that it can be adapted to production, sales and even use. The common gift box structure mainly includes a tote bag type, a hanging type, an open type, a window opening type, a closed type or a combination of several forms.

3. Gift box production

The design aspect of the gift box can be put into production after consideration. At this time, the production aspect also needs to consider whether the design can achieve accurate, rapid, mass production, cost, etc., whether it can facilitate the rapid and accurate processing, molding, and Issues such as loading and sealing are considered in all aspects.

4. Gift box should have a promotional function

The gift box can play a promotional role for a gift. Gift boxes should be able to attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy. They should also fully display gifts and reduce consumers' suspicions about inner gifts. It is a good choice to use transparent sunroof boxes, which can also satisfy consumers' diversity. Mental needs.

5. Environmental protection and pollution

Environmental protection is a problem that every product must consider. Gift boxes should consider environmental issues while considering aesthetics and practicality. Only gift boxes that do not damage the health of people and do not pollute the environment can become the ultimate choice for consumers.