What kind of cosmetic packaging box is easy for people to choose


1. What kind of box is right for you? I have made a var […]

1. What kind of box is right for you?

I have made a variety of packaging boxes and have my own opinions on the packaging of different products. Whenever a customer asks about cosmetic packaging, the first thing to determine is the customer's product and value. If the customer's product only sells for $20-40, it seems that 3-4 dollars is not recognized. At this time, paper with a thin material can be considered. Of course, a pit box mainly used for transportation is also possible. As long as the design is unique, the packaging will be beautiful.

For cosmetics worth more than $100 packaging, you can be bold. Thicker paper is a prerequisite, so we can suggest some unique packaging. The world box is a common box type, of course, with perfect design and craftsmanship, it will also make people look forward to. According to customer requirements, book boxes, environmentally friendly kraft paper boxes, drawer boxes, display boxes can be a good choice.

  2. Cosmetics don't look so messy If your cosmetics are bottled, consider a high-end eva or sponge holder. Each cosmetic has his own location and looks orderly. The price is not that outrageous.

Of course, if you choose an affordable shipping box. Lafite and copy paper are good choices considering the safe transportability of the product. Maybe the product is not so patchy, but the proper placement can make him look different.

Whether it is Nato or Lafite, copy paper, you can choose your favorite color according to your preference, we will make you pick your eyes.

3. About design and crafts

For cosmetic packaging with its own brand, the logo is the best way for customers to know about you. In order to make the logo unique, we generally recommend different processes based on the characteristics of the customer logo. Bronzing is our more common technique, gold, silver, rose gold and so on.