What is the material characteristics of the leather case?


Comparison of advantages in material applications. Life […]

Comparison of advantages in material applications.

Life is developed by a cell. The skin is also differentiated during the development of this cell. So any leather has the same basic characteristics - toughness. Therefore, leathers that are imitation leather (such as various PU materials) tend to be imitation of this physical property.
The packaging makes a lot of materials, and precious materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, jade and jewels are stacked on the packaging.

    The commonly used materials are divided into three categories: paper, leather, wood,

I use this as a comparison to analyze the internal and substantive differences between the three.
Advantages of paper packaging: (1) easy to print, rich in color; (2) fast production, easy to mass production; (3) small volume of storage and transportation, low transportation costs. (4) Mainly mechanical operation, low labor costs. (5) The total cost is low, the product price is cheap, easy to accept and promote; (6) easy to recycle. The disadvantage of paper packaging is that the plane is not strong, the stereoscopic effect is not strong; it is mainly reflected by color, the expression is relatively monotonous; the sense of weight and texture is not strong; the storage and transportation are susceptible to moisture, damage and damage.
Advantages of wood packaging: the color is steady and steady; there is a strong sense of weight, it is easy to reflect the profound culture; the natural texture; the disadvantage of wood packaging is: the general trend of not complying with environmental protection; high material cost, high product price; After touching in the transshipment, it is easy to damage the exterior paint and cannot be repaired; the drying and painting of the wood are affected by the weather, so the construction period is longer and so on.