What is the color matching of the cufflink box?


1. Yellow warm world Yellow is the most radiant color o […]

1. Yellow warm world
Yellow is the most radiant color of all hues, giving a light, transparent, brilliant, hopeful color impression. This color will make people feel warm, like the sun in the winter. The splendour and splendor of yellow, with the radiance of the sun, symbolizes the light of wisdom that illuminates the darkness. Yellow has a golden glow, it is a proud color.
When I was a child, I liked sunflowers very much. I hope I can lie in a large sunflower garden and watch the blue sky, the white clouds, and enjoy the warm sunshine.
2, blue pure world
Blue is an eternal symbol. Blue is a very pure color, often reminiscent of the ocean, the sky, the water, the universe. Pure blue shows a beautiful, calm, rational, serene and broad. Because of the calm nature of blue, it has the meaning of courage. Many times, when parents choose furniture for their children, especially boys, they often choose this color. Such a room is conducive to cultivating the boy’s independent and courageous character. Conducive to children to study calmly.
3, pink innocence world
In color pens, pink is also an essential color. Children paint very much like to decorate their work with pink. Especially for girls, pink is always the girl's favorite.
Because pink represents cute, sweet, gentle and innocent; pink represents rotten, elegant and noble style, pink represents delicate and cute, pink represents youth, pink represents the tender, beautiful memories.
Pure pink is like a girl's dream, pink and white together, making the girl's dream more sweet. Pink princess, all girls dream!
4, green and fresh world
Green is the color of plants, which has the meaning of life in Chinese culture and is also a symbol of spring. Green, representing the recovery of all things, is full of vitality. He makes the lonely land feel the warmth of love, and makes people feel that life is no longer alone.
Where there is green, there is hope everywhere; green is auspicious, symbolizing safety and freshness.