What are the problems in the design of the gift box


1, the environmental protection of the gift box Health […]

1, the environmental protection of the gift box

Health and environmental protection is an old-fashioned issue. The products should be considered for their health and environmental protection. Especially for products with high demand for gift boxes, environmental protection factors should also be taken into account in the design of gift boxes. Environmentally friendly material that is light in weight and easy to decompose.

2, the safety of the gift box

Many of the target groups of gift boxes are children, and their safety issues should be taken seriously. Children's safety awareness is weak, curiosity is strong, and the gift box should pay attention to the sharp parts of the gift box and decoration in the process of design, so as to avoid accidents such as accidental injury, accidental eating or mis-opening.

3. Personalization of the gift box

Different gift boxes should be designed according to their target groups. The gift box not only reflects the characteristics and value of the gift, but also the packaging of the corporate image. When designing a gift box, we need to consider the image, characteristics, target group and other aspects of the gift box. We must not only consider the problem from our own perspective, but also consider it from the perspective of the consumer and use personalized design to attract consumption. By.

4, the security of the gift box