What are the principles to be followed in the design of the package


In the design of many commodity packaging boxes, all of […]

In the design of many commodity packaging boxes, all of them are fast, eye-catching and pleasing to attract consumers' attention. The package should reflect continuity and uniqueness. In modern society, the material is rich, and the competition of similar products is fierce. Therefore, the design of the packaging box should follow the following principles:
1. Combine the characteristics of the product itself and make full use of the form of the US law.
2. Adapt to market demand, conduct accurate market positioning, and create brand personality.
3, to "light, thin, short, small" to prevent excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless
4, draw inspiration from nature, using the analog approach to the design innovation of the packaging shape.
5. Fully consider environmental and ergonomic elements.
6. Actively use new techniques and materials to design modern packaging shapes.
7. Vigorously develop the design of serial packaging.