What are the precautions for gift box production


First, the inspiration comes from life. A good packagin […]

First, the inspiration comes from life.

A good packaging design should be spiritual, it will speak by itself; good packaging comes from life, it may be a trace of the details of a certain life. The spirituality of packaging means that the packaging can make the product's connotation come out, reflecting the product's own characteristics that impress consumers.

Second, the inspiration comes from history

There are many products that are very culturally rich, but because the follow-up designers lack understanding of the history and humanity of the product, the designed packaging often does not highlight the taste of the product. Once a product is able to restore its historical closeness, it will often convincing consumers.

Third, the inspiration comes from feelings

The real good packaging is the meaning of emotional appeal. The sales of goods without emotional appeal are very low-level “selling”, and it is nonsense to impress consumers. Different packaging designs may turn it into angels, Santa Claus, friendships, and such packaging will always touch the consumer and forget its price.

Fourth, the inspiration comes from the details

The above is a detailed introduction to the notes on the production of gift boxes. Consumers need merchants to meet them in every detail. The same is true for packaging. A product that impresses consumers should reflect the attention of manufacturers.