What are the materials in the box?


1. Single-powder paper: Single-powder paper is also cal […]

1. Single-powder paper: Single-powder paper is also called single-sided coated paper (single-gloss coated paper). The paper is light and dumb, only the glossy surface can be printed; it can realize printing of various colors, and there is no limit to the color; Commonly used surface treatment processes after printing include: over-glue, over-UV, hot stamping, and embossing.

2, double copper paper: double copper paper refers to double-sided coated paper. Double-sided coated paper is a type of coated paper that is double-coated and has good smoothness on both sides. This kind of material is relatively high-grade in application, and it is currently done well in Chunye packaging and printing.

3. Pit paper: Pit paper is a smooth kraft paper and wavy paper (collectively called paper core), which is one of the important materials for paper packaging. It is more straight than ordinary paper and has a stronger bearing capacity. 2. Commonly used are single pit, double pit and three pit. 3, can achieve a variety of color printing, but the effect is not as good as single copper paper. 4, the surface treatment process commonly used after printing: over glue, over UV, hot stamping, slamming.

4. Special paper: Special paper is a paper with special purpose and relatively small output. There are many kinds of special papers. Here we only talk about the use of our packaging materials: embossed paper, pattern paper, "condensed" pearl pattern paper, "star" metal pattern paper, gold paper and so on. 2, these papers have been specially treated to improve the texture quality of the packaging. 3. The embossed embossing can not be printed. Only the surface is hot stamped. Stars, gold paper, etc. can be printed in 4 colors.

5, used to make gift box structure, surface layer of single-powder paper or special paper 2, commonly used colors are black, white, gray, yellow 3, cardboard thickness also has various grades, according to load-bearing needs to choose 4, if the 是 is a single Powder, the process is consistent with the single-powder carton. If it is special paper, most of it can only be hot-printed, and some can achieve simple printing, but the printing effect is not good.