What are the cultural characteristics of gift boxes


Packaging design culture It refers to the common way of […]

Packaging design culture

It refers to the common way of thinking and belief that has been passed down from generation to generation, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, customs and skills that apply to its members. It is the sum of material and spiritual civilization created in the process of human social historical practice. It contains specific historical conceptual or material connotations such as production, creation, education and communication. While packaging designers create material products for human beings, it is more important to engage in a spiritual activity, to create a cultural appeal and shock, to enhance consumers' understanding of the brand image of the goods, and to further strengthen production. The country, region, traditional culture, corporate culture, aesthetic characteristics, consumer psychology and other comprehensive cognition.

The creativity and positioning of gift box design

In the process of sales and gifting, the modern gift packaging should convey the beauty, material beauty, craft beauty, color beauty and decorative beauty of the packaging to the consumers, so that the gift givers and the recipients can feel the exquisite, elegant and fresh gifts. Rustic and gorgeous. In the process of purchasing or enjoying gifts, consumers have actually completed a complete aesthetic activity. In fact, the gift does not lie in the level of the content, but in the targeted creative design and planning. To study the gift object, we must introduce the purpose concept, use the impact form, and convey the information to the other party in a smashing manner. Therefore, there must be innovation in material selection and form, craftsmanship, and color and pattern.