What are the basic elements of Leather Boxes?


Cortical packaging has a more pronounced difference tha […]

Cortical packaging has a more pronounced difference than a normal leather case. In terms of materials, PU materials with leather or artificial leather feel, supplemented by cloth and paper-filled materials, can be called leather packaging. If the main ingredient and the auxiliary material are reversed, it is not a leather package, but a general leather case or paper package.
In terms of structure, the inner tank is made of solid wood, MDF board or plastic as a keel bracket to support and protect the packaging structure. If there is no bracket, that is, using the leather, even if it is used as a package, it is only a packaging bag, not a real leather packaging.
In terms of social responsibility objectives, the starting point of ordinary leather boxes is to protect the products from damage during storage and transshipment, to take into account the responsibility of expanding the market, and even to over-package the market (see another text "From The definition of the over-packaging and the classification criteria are introduced in the “Starting the Market” package, and there is no concept of environmental protection. Cortical packaging has added an environmentally responsible social responsibility. Specific measures include the use of environmentally friendly materials, the elimination of the use of PVC, especially the use of environmentally friendly non-toxic glue, the finished product can be reused and so on.