The shape of the box is small, but it should not be underestimated


The 21st century is an environmentally friendly century […]

The 21st century is an environmentally friendly century, and people are working on new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovations in packaging materials are: pulp molded packaging materials for insulation, shock, impact and perishable. It can be seen that the shape of the package is small, but the function is quite a lot.
First of all, the role of the package, not only to prevent physical damage to the product such as shock, vibration, pressure, etc., should also include a variety of chemical and other damage.
Secondly, it has good convenience, is easy to transport and handle, easy to store and store, easy to carry and use, easy to recycle and waste.
After that, it is promotional. This is one of the main functions of packaging design, and it is the driving force for business owners to do the packaging core. A collision that can place a product, as well as giving customers a good experience and saving the owner's transportation, materials, and recycling costs.