The role of jewelry gift boxes on sales


The role of jewelry gift boxes on sales: The entire his […]

The role of jewelry gift boxes on sales:
The entire history of sales is the history of gift boxes that enable goods to be offered to a wider range of consumers in new forms. As a tool for sales, the gift box has the following functions:
(1) Circulate goods to the world;
(2) Guarantee the quality of the goods (wherever);
(3) the condition of the sale of the product to the consumer;
(4) the goods themselves;
(5) Improve the overall appeal of goods to consumers;
(6) Being able to distinguish one's own goods from those of competitors;
(7) Reduce the cost of goods during production, distribution, storage and retail.

Jewelry gift box giving advantage
·Gift: There is always an experience activity suitable for him/her; the time of choice is more flexible during the one-year period
  Gift box packaging design
· Value for money: The market price of each activity in the box is higher than the price of the gift box;
· Mobility: Applicable to any time, occasion, event gift; the recipient decides when and where to enjoy
· Multi-person sharing: sharing unforgettable moments with friends, business partners
· Fading: After a wonderful event experience, the memory is still deeply memorable and carefully selected by the gift giver.