The packaging should use novel and unique shapes to attract consumers


The "gift box" strategy is based on the principle of ps […]

The "gift box" strategy is based on the principle of psychological judgment. In this case, people's judgment of value is not based on the product itself, but on the gift box attached to the product. The more expensive the gift box, the more valuable the product is considered. . Just like a diamond ring put into a noble gift box to enlarge the attraction, the gift box is powerful against the product. Therefore, you should choose a suitable gift box for your product, in order to expand the appeal of the product.

Packaging design is a very characteristic form of modern social culture. It is both a part of traditional culture and a material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thought, culture, morality, style, art, system, and behavioral methods that have been passed down from history, and national culture is a very important part of traditional culture. The combination of tradition and modernity, combining nationality and internationality, is one of the important features of packaging design. This is also confirmed by examples from international and domestic packaging design. In modern packaging design, we must not only pay attention to the national culture of the country, but also take into account the characteristics of the times and the national culture that is sold to the region, in order to design the packaging.

Gift boxes are largely based on their exquisite style and decoration to promote goods and improve the competitiveness of goods. It is one of the important means to turn products into commodities. It becomes a connection between products and consumers, and between selling and buying. The important link. Packaging design should play a role in promotion, first of all to attract the attention of consumers, because only the goods that cause consumers to pay attention to the possibility of being purchased. Therefore, the packaging should use novel and unique shapes, bright colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and each characteristic material can make the packaging have a striking effect, so that consumers will have a strong interest as soon as they see it.