The importance of the gift box


First, the gift box must be convincing: The cost of sal […]

First, the gift box must be convincing:
The cost of sales is so expensive that many retailers find that they must move to an optional sales method without delay. The current self-selected store not only operates food, but also operates hardware, clothing, cosmetics, cultural appliances, and all-encompassing consumer goods. The box becomes a sales tool for the interconnection between producers and consumers.
Second, the gift box merchandise similarity:
The number of manufacturers of gift box products has increased, making the products more similar, and customers have to buy them in many similar products. Deciding in the face of a wide range of hygienic soaps, food, cigarettes and cosmetics is a difficult task. Therefore, when the two competing commodities are very similar, the gift box must be able to distinguish it from the other party's merchandise due to the slight differences.
Third, the price is not omnipotent:
“A reasonable price is the only key to unlocking a customer's wallet.” A gift box can turn a boring cosmetic into a “magic bullet”. In fact, people want to buy not only frozen cream, but confidence, heroism, youth and beauty. Make the goods come alive through the box. Design allows you to meet the psychological needs of customers and thus promote sales.
Fourth, advertising:
The advent of new products, in order to make it a household name, must spend huge amounts of money for advertising. When a certain commodity is to be promoted, a chain must be formed between the factory and the public. The gift box is the last ring of the chain. Therefore, the gift box design should reuse the language used in the advertisement.
The gift box should have an absolute trademark or identification number, or a combination of various forms of advertising and the box itself, with a description of the goods that can tell and convince people, but also psychologically attractive Force, make the gift box trustworthy and promote sales.