The gift box packaging is a creative combination of practicality and novelty


In our daily life, any product can not be separated fro […]

In our daily life, any product can not be separated from the box, because the box can not only package the goods, but also can be used as a kind of media to advertise the products of the merchants, and with the development of the world, three-dimensional The art elements of the box making are also constantly changing, and the process of making changes to the box making. The 21st century is a century of environmental protection, and people are working on new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. The innovations in packaging materials are as follows: for the insulation, shockproof, anti-shock and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; in the design, strive to reduce the later difficult materials for packaging, try to use light weight, small size, easy Crushed or crushed, easily separated materials, etc.

The gift box packaging is a protective function and artistic beauty, and is a creative combination of practicality and novelty. Successful packaging promotion is the resonance of the producer's mindset, the creator's thinking psychology and the buyer's demand psychology. Commodity sales packaging can only meet the consumer's psychology, cater to the consumer's preferences, meet the needs of consumers, and stimulate and guide the consumer's emotions, in order to stand out in the fierce commercial war, and win the battle. The design of successful packaging combines artistic, intellectual, fun and contemporary sense. The quality of the appearance of the product can stimulate the social needs of the purchaser, allowing them to feel their identity while enjoying the goods, and the heart is full of joy.

The soul of the box is a concept. It is a derivative of the designer who combines all the understanding, past experience, knowledge and skills of the product to be designed. It is the sum of knowledge, long-term practice and inspiration. The core of the idea is to consider what to manifest and how to express two problems. Answering these two questions will solve the following four points: performance, performance perspective, performance techniques and expressions. Like combat, it is the target of attack. The angle is the breakthrough. The technique is tactics, and the form is the weapon. Any one of the links will not be handled well.