The design of packaging boxes has developed rapidly in recent years


The design of packaging boxes has developed rapidly in […]

The design of packaging boxes has developed rapidly in recent years, but how to further develop to adapt to the ever-changing market demand is the most important issue in the current development of the packaging box design industry. In the end, how can we grasp the trend of future packaging box design development? Here mainly talk about the following points:

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. People are eager to research new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovations in packaging materials are as follows: used for heat insulation, shockproof, impact and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; in the design to reduce the late difficult to decompose materials for packaging, try to use light weight, small size, Easy to crush or flatten, easy to separate materials.

A company developed a "Faller" medicine packaging box that is opened by a die cut line on the packaging box. The opening of the paper box requires a certain amount of force. This opening method is very easy for adults, but It is very difficult for children to effectively avoid children's accidental opening and eating. As this kind of packaging box is opened, it is difficult to restore, so it has played an anti-theft role to a certain extent. It truly integrates protection and security.

Personalized packaging design is a kind of design method that involves a wide range of influences. It has great influence and influence on corporate image, product itself, or social effect. The shaping and expression of the packaging image is toward the natural and lively humanity and organic shape development, and it gives the packaging personality quality and unique style to attract consumers. When designing a box, it must be considered systematically. Analysis of the actual situation should be made in different perspectives and positions in order to establish and understand various factors that should be considered.