The design and positioning of packaging boxes


The packaging box is not only used to package goods, bu […]

The packaging box is not only used to package goods, but also has the effect of brand promotion. Exquisite packaging boxes can improve the visibility of the enterprise, strengthen the brand effectiveness of the enterprise, and do a good job in the design of the packaging box. Can do more with less.
Good packaging box design can enhance consumers' desire to buy and good gift box sales. The packaging box design must be clear about the characteristics of the carton so that it can be used scientifically.

First, the design theme of the box must be clear
The design theme of the packaging box must be clear and the design conforms to the product characteristics. When a product packaging box lacks the theme, it will be greatly discounted in sales. The design of the packaging box should be based on the characteristics of the product, and the inside and the inside should not be different. The inside and outside will cause a feeling of deception, and it is difficult to have repeat customers.

Second, the box design should be realistic

The packaging box should be designed according to the actual situation of the product. Excessive luxury design will make the product flashy, because over-modifying the packaging box without the guarantee of product quality will often make customers feel cheated.

Third, the packaging box design must meet the needs of the trend

The design and positioning of packaging boxes must conform to the trend. Today's environmental protection is the trend. Environmentally friendly packaging boxes will be recognized by consumers and attract consumers to understand. If the products are related to environmental protection, packaging boxes can be designed into environmentally friendly packaging boxes. This will not only protect the recycling of resources, but also protect the nature of the product. Packaging box design requires design inspiration, packaging costs, consumer rational or emotional buying, life discovery, and more.