The definition of the gift box has different interpretations


The box is the "coat" of the product. Because people ha […]

The box is the "coat" of the product. Because people have different understandings of their contents, the definition of the box has different interpretations. The traditional concept of packaging box only sees the function of packaging to protect the goods. It is considered that the packaging box is only "packaging of goods", "container containing contents" or "container of goods and operation labor for dressing and dressing goods." "Wait. The box is a general term and is a concept with rich content.

Gift boxes have their own era, mainly reflected in the organizational system and material outer layer of the packaging design culture. But the design is tight and easy to use. Today, with the economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the subjective forms of society have undergone fundamental changes. In particular, the widespread and rapid dissemination of information, the growing concept of openness and fierceness, the diversification of social structure and values, aesthetic concepts, the frequent exchanges between people, the increasing demands of society and people, and the alienation of industrial culture. The energy, environment and crisis brought about. In the face of all this, we can adapt to it and use it to make the packaging design a product of the times. This has become an important task for today's designers.

The package generally does not refer to a certain product, a certain operation method and technology, and the package is a concept in the movement process. Some containers in a static state, such as cups, plates, bowls, bottles without lids, etc., can only be called utensils, not called boxes, because they are not integrated with the contents, can not protect the goods and are in the process of transportation and storage. Not subject to loss. The color of the gift box packaging will have a stimulating effect on people's physiology and psychology. It is the color of these goods packaging that meets the physiological and psychological characteristics of consumers, so that consumers can quickly make a decision to purchase this product in the same category.

Tie box paper material, small box, easy to carry, pvc lid, can clearly see the product inside the box, the box is equipped with hooks, easy to display, or paper packaging, making the packaging color, pattern diversification. The box can be packed with a tie and cufflinks. The box style is novel, fashionable, diversified, practical, price concession, anti-wrinkle tie box, bid farewell to crumpled, anti-wrinkle tie box, prevent tie wrinkles, convenient and practical, anti-wrinkle tie box, easy to carry.