The color design of the gift box is very important


The important role of the decoration and color of the p […]

The important role of the decoration and color of the packaging box in people's social life, production labor, and daily life clothing, food, housing, and transportation is obvious. Of course, the decoration and color of the box is even more so.

The interest in color has led to people's color aesthetic consciousness, which has become a prerequisite for people to learn to be able to decorate their lives in color. Therefore, in the design of the gift box, the decoration of color has a great role.

When designing a gift box, the color design requirements of the gift box are very important. The color of the gift box must be able to reveal or reflect the inner packaging items. So that people can basically perceive or think of the inner packaging at a glance The following is a detailed introduction to the color design requirements of gift boxes by Xiaobian.

First, from the industry, food gift boxes are usually colored with the main colors of goose yellow and pink to give people a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, tea, a lot of green, drinks, green and blue A lot of red wines and pastries are used, and children's foods are rose-colored. Daily cosmetics are usually used in rose, pink white, light green, light blue, and dark. There are many browns, and clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray.

Second, from the performance characteristics, as far as food is concerned, cakes and desserts are mostly gold and light colors to give people an impression of aroma; tea, beer and other drinks are mostly red or green, which symbolizes the richness and aroma of tea; Tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, indicating the natural attributes of the item.

Although some gift boxes do not look similar to the product attributes from the main colors as mentioned above, if you look closely at the design of the gift box, if it is designed by your own home, then There must be the symbolic color block, color point, color line or concentrated content highlighted in that color in the picture. This should be your proud work.