The characteristics of the gift box bronzing


The characteristics of the box convexity: This process […]

The characteristics of the box convexity: This process is mostly used for logo production, highlighting the brand personality, embossing the different patterns of the shade, enhancing the stereoscopic effect and artistic power.

The characteristics of the embossed box: the upgraded version of the embossing effect, multi-level highlights the brand design features, the lines are more soft, the level is more vivid, delicate, with a good feel and visual appeal to enhance the added value and artistic effect of the product.

The characteristics of the embossing of the packaging box: in accordance with the special texture requirements of the design documents, with various grain effects, to achieve uniform and coordinated packaging and design.

The characteristics of the box UV: Crystal-like crystal clear, shiny, and in sharp contrast with other parts, reflecting fashion, personality, but also has a strong sense of physical.

The characteristics of the box bronzing: clear pattern, beautiful appearance, colorful and eye-catching, wear-resistant, in the packaging design, bronzing plays a finishing touch, highlighting the brand's inner culvert, the role of the theme, the effect is remarkable.

The characteristics of the box frosting: metal mirror gloss, fine sand particles, solemn, elegant and softness in one, showing the brand reputation and grade.