The box manufacturer explains which commonly used inner trays for high-end bags


The high-end interiors are: plastic, sponge, pearl cott […]

The high-end interiors are: plastic, sponge, pearl cotton, and EVA. Each has its own matching style. As for the sponge, it is often used with silk cloth, which is more suitable for cosmetics. The packaging box manufacturer cuts the sponge into pieces by a punching machine, and the customer can adjust it according to the difference of the cosmetic bottle. Pearl cotton is also more suitable for matching with silk cloth. This is mostly used for comparison of heavy products, because the hardness of pearl cotton itself is better. Blister is a kind of internal support that can be used alone and relatively high-end. If it is flocked, it is very high-grade. However, because it is plastic, it is not environmentally friendly, and the hardness is not enough. Finally, the most high-end EVA, EVA can also be used alone is relatively high-grade, the hardness is better but also soft. After flocking, it is especially high-grade, and the packaging manufacturer recommends that it can be used for precision instruments, jewelry, and high-end products.