The application products of gift boxes are very rich


With the increasing international political, economic, […]

With the increasing international political, economic, cultural, sports, business, and religious activities, the packaging requirements for products are becoming higher and higher. The extended packaging is becoming more and more mature as a supporting industry, showing a broad development space and market prospects. .

The application products of gift boxes are very rich and the scope is extremely wide. As a country of etiquette, China has been advocating "come and not be courteous" since ancient times. The gift box market alone has huge market capacity and room for growth. According to conservative estimates, China ’s annual gift consumption exceeds 60 billion yuan. With the success of China ’s accession to the WTO and the bid for the Olympic Games and the improvement of people ’s living standards, the gift market will maintain stable and rapid growth for a long period of time. It can be seen that the space of the gift box market is very broad.


In the process of bonding packaging products such as necktie box, the following problems are always easy to occur: the amount of glue applied is too thick, causing glue to overflow after pressing, which not only affects the beauty of the product, but also easily occurs between the boxes. Stick to each other. If this happens, leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes after brushing the glue, and then press it after the adhesive is slightly dry. If the glue brush is too thin, and the drying time is too long, it will lead to poor adhesion fastness, and sometimes it will not bond at all. When this happens, you should read the instructions and consult the manufacturer.

There is no pressing or the pressure is too low, which will cause the bonded product to automatically pop up. This situation is mainly for products with high stiffness, so it must be pressed for at least half an hour, because many adhesives are contact adhesive Therefore, the two adhesive surfaces are pressed together. In a unit time, if the initial adhesive force is less than the elasticity of the product, the product will bounce off, so the general product requires 0.5 hours of pressing time.