The application of corrugated boxes


Since the carton corrugated box packaging is largely pr […]

Since the carton corrugated box packaging is largely promoted by its exquisite shape and decoration, the competitiveness of the product is improved. Therefore, the shape and structural design of the carton are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, so there are many styles and types, such as rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped carton, cylindrical, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically The same, that is, the choice of materials - design icons - manufacturing templates - stamping - joined into boxes.

The carton corrugated box includes a medicine packaging box, a silk packaging box, a color gift packaging box, a roof type milk packaging box, and a paper plastic color packaging box.

Corrugated paper: Corrugated paper is pressed into a corrugated shape during the production process. After corrugated cardboard is made, it will provide cardboard elasticity, flat compressive strength, and affect the vertical compressive strength and other properties. Corrugated paper, the paper surface is flat, the thickness should be consistent, and there should be no paper defects such as wrinkles, cracks and holes, otherwise the breakage of the production process will be increased, which will affect the quality of the product.

Application of corrugated boxes: Corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated boxes by die cutting, indentation, nail boxes or glue boxes. Corrugated boxes are a wide range of packaging products that have been used in a variety of packaging products. Includes calcium plastic corrugated boxes.