Packaging gift box production design standards and principles


In the traditional culture of our country, the requirem […]

In the traditional culture of our country, the requirements for gifts for different festivals and different occasions are different. Different gifts are different. The requirements for gift box making are naturally different. For example, the gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival are mostly moon cakes, while the gifts for the Spring Festival are mostly new year. When making gift boxes, scientific and effective market positioning should be carried out according to different production timings, different market demands and the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises.
The scientific market positioning is conducive to the increase of product market share, as well as the gift box production industry. Manufacturers can make clear market positioning according to the needs of the market and the advantages of the company itself, and improve the pertinence and professional level of gift box production, so as to meet the market demand to the greatest extent and occupy the market in a short time.
The color matching method of the gift box is the key. In terms of the color of the ribbon, gold and silver are versatile; if several double bows overlap each other, the gold or silver bottom is the most beautiful. As for the ribbon, it is also necessary to match the color of the wrapping paper. The gift box ribbon should be used as much as possible on the wrapping paper. The color of the same color can also be selected. If the wrapping paper is purple, the ribbon can be purple and blue.
Shanghai aircraft box packaging gift box production design standards and principles, can shorten the production cycle of a new gift box packaging production, including market research, design, production preparation and formal production and other production processes. Due to the standardization of gift box packaging, there are various standards for gift box packaging products, which simplifies the production process, saves raw materials and reduces labor consumption.
Conducive to the mechanization of continuous production of gift box packaging standardization simplifies the specification of the gift box packaging, a gift box packaging can adapt to a variety of needs, adapt to large-scale industrial production, improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, and ensure quality .
The gift box can effectively improve the management level of the gift box packaging. The standardization of the gift box packaging needs to formulate a series of technical standards, working standards and management standards, which can encourage enterprises to carry out management activities such as design, production and inspection around these standards, which is conducive to the improvement of gifts. Box packaging management level.
These are the design standards and principles of gift box making. The design of the box does not have to follow these standards and principles, but also meets people's aesthetics, and must have innovative requirements. Yipin provides services such as packaging design, gift box making, and cosmetic packaging design. If you need a box design, then you can go to Yipin to release the task requirements.