Packaging design printing should focus on consumer psychological activities


The packaging designed by the box will not only attract […]

The packaging designed by the box will not only attract customers' attention in the store, but also further enhance the product, which is a market strategy that any well-known enterprise dare not ignore. Therefore, in addition to solving the basic principles in design, good packaging design printing must also focus on the consumer's psychological activities in order to stand out from similar products.

The immediate goal of product packaging is to inspire consumers to make a purchase. This goal should be the first consideration when developing a product packaging plan. Secondly, even if consumers are not prepared to purchase such goods, they should be encouraged to have a good impression of the product's brand, packaging design, printing and trademark, and the manufacturer. Including product container design, product inner and outer packaging design, tag, label design, transportation packaging, as well as gift packaging design, paper bag, tote bag design.

Diversity of packaging box design: There are many types of logos and a wide range of uses. Regardless of their application form, composition form, and expression, packaging box design has rich diversity. Its application forms are not only flat (the plane that can use almost any material), but also three-dimensional (such as reliefs, garden carvings, arbitrary three-dimensional objects or using special patterns such as packaging and containers as signs). Its composition forms include those that directly use object images, those that are composed of characters, those that are composed of figurative, imagery, or abstract figures, and those that are composed of colors.

Most signs are made up of a combination of several basic forms. In terms of the means of expression, its richness and diversity are almost impossible to outline, and with the development of science and technology, culture and art, it is always innovating.