No matter what kind of consumer groups there is a certain name psychology


Herd mentality Herd mental consumers are happy to cater […]

Herd mentality
Herd mental consumers are happy to cater to popular trends or follow the example of celebrities. Such consumer groups have a wide range of ages because various media media promote fashion and celebrity to promote the formation of such psychological behavior. For this reason, packaging design should grasp the trend of popularity, or directly introduce a product spokesperson that is deeply loved by consumers and improve the reliability of the product.

seeking psychological
No matter what kind of consumer groups there is a certain name psychology, pay attention to the brand of goods, have a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. As economic conditions permit, even if it does not care about the high price of the commodity, it will insist on purchasing it. Therefore, establishing a good brand image for packaging design is the key to product sales success.
In short, consumer psychology is complex and rarely maintains a long-term orientation. In most cases it is possible to integrate two or more psychological requirements. The pursuit of psychological diversity has prompted product packaging to exhibit the same diverse design style.

Packaging Design Overview
Packaging is the external performance and marketing of products. For packaging, many countries have made clear and concise definitions. For example, the United States: Packaging is preparation for the delivery and sale of products; UK: Packaging is the artistic, scientific and technical preparation for the transport and sale of goods; Canada believes that packaging is the supply of products The tools that can reach the customers or consumers and keep the products in good condition. The definition of packaging in China is the general term for the products that are used to protect the products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. Today, people are more fully aware of packaging and give it a broader meaning. From the point of view of system theory, a complete packaging concept is formed by linking the purpose, requirements, constituent elements, functional roles, and practical operations of packaging.