How to use a jewelry box?


Ring Pad Specially designed to secure and protect your […]

Ring Pad Specially designed to secure and protect your baby ring, usually consisting of a set of strips of flannel sponge pads. In addition to placing the ring, it is also a good choice for cufflinks or earrings.
Stud fixing holes/stud fixing pads are specially designed to securely protect your earrings. Usually, earring holes are placed on the partitions to fix the earrings, or the earrings are placed in the position of the cover. A movable pad with a stud hole is provided in the compartment.
The butterfly card cover pad usually has a flannel with a butterfly card built in one compartment to cover your baby jewelry. The butterfly card can be used only as a gripper or as a wrap around your slim necklace. Slide at random; or play a layered role to separate your trinkets up and down.
Watch pad/bangle pad Specially designed to securely protect your bracelet or watch.
Necklace Hooks are specially designed to securely protect your necklace, etc., usually in the form of snaps or hooks. The following is usually equipped with a dark bag with an elastic band and a hanging necklace.
Small compartments There are small compartments of various sizes and shapes to allow your baby jewelry to be placed separately. Usually the slim design is prepared for the necklace, while the square shape is prepared for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hair clips, cufflinks, etc. according to the size of the size.
Jewelry Bag Make full use of the inner lid or side space to effectively expand your jewelry box capacity. You can hide your favorite pearl necklace or hang a whole row of earrings. See how you like to use it.