Gift boxes should look natural so that they can attract people


Nowadays, in addition to emphasizing personalization an […]

Nowadays, in addition to emphasizing personalization and fashion, some gifts with elegant culture have become darlings in the market. As the outer packaging of gifts, it is necessary to complete the basic functions of protecting products, transmitting product information, and selling products, as well as carrying the emotional communication information between people and improving the quality of gifts.

In the trend of environmental protection, gift boxes are no exception to this trend. The packaging products made from materials not only represent the health of the environment, but also reflect the beauty of nature and the beauty of harmony between man and nature. A variety of boxes made of nanmu and camphor wood, pens, inks, books, paintings, cymbals and other items are immediately exuded from the elegant scrolls. These woods also play a role in preventing insects and moths. The jewellery box made of mahogany, the time-honored original wood color, the classic-style brass locks, and the thoughtful design of multi-layer separation make each piece of jewelry suitable. Bamboo has a short growth cycle and strong ability. It uses bamboo instead of wood to protect the forest. The processing process is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It is favored by many fashionable people. A bamboo box made of bamboo and a light-colored bamboo board body are elegant and durable.

The “gift box” strategy derives its name from the fact that when people sell products, they always give away the corresponding gift box for free, and by combining the product with the gift box, customers only need to pay for the price of the product to complete the product. The “gift box” strategy is a way to promote, and gift boxes are usually given away for free to make the entire set more attractive. It's not difficult to find what people like and want, and often find these things and combine them with your products. Gift boxes should look natural, so that they can attract people to buy. The foundation of the "gift box" strategy is the principle of psychological judgment. In this case, people's judgment of value is not based on the product itself, but based on the gift box attached to the product. The more expensive the gift box, the more valuable the product is.