Gift box customization needs to meet the following steps


In the packaging industry, gift packaging has always be […]

In the packaging industry, gift packaging has always been a popular one. Users can make an important part of the image design of the packaging product according to the requirements. Therefore, if the gift packaging is customized, the following needs to be met. A step of.

1. Design: According to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of the products, etc., design a custom pattern of the gift box; then make samples according to the drawings.

2, paperboard: general gift box custom cardboard is made of cardboard or cardboard. The packaging of the wine and the packaging of the gift box are mostly made of cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm, and the outer surface of the decorative surface is bonded and formed.

3, printing: Because the gift box is the outer box, so the gift box customization is very demanding on the printing process, very jealous of the color difference of the box.

Nowadays, green packaging packaging has become a trend of development. As a classification of the paper packaging industry, green packaging boxes have also ushered in the golden age of their own development. In addition, under the effect of increasing automation, printing green and environmentally friendly consumables is an important way to achieve green packaging. Packaging and printing enterprises should try to use environmentally friendly inks, paper, glue, varnish, etc. or less contaminated raw and auxiliary materials to research and promote new packaging technologies and technologies that meet environmental protection requirements. In general, the raw materials used in the packaging box are generally raw paper and half are environmentally friendly.

Green packaging is a pollution-free packaging with broad development prospects. Therefore, the green packaging boxes produced by our company are in line with the current packaging materials, which are both environmentally friendly and able to develop their markets.