The advantages of making a leather gift box


In many materials 1. Integration The leather is not def […]

In many materials
1. Integration
The leather is not deformed by stretching, so the manufactured gift box has good solidity. Leather sets and molded products will also become more comfortable to use. Leather will become more supple as time goes by.
2. Uniqueness
Each leather hide can be said to be unique in terms of its texture. In the leather can better highlight their own unique signs and characteristics.
3. Durability
Leather has a strong tear resistance. The strength and elasticity of leather makes the leather age longer.
4. Flame retardancy
Leather is naturally flame retardant and will not burn or melt easily.
5. Dust resistance
If it is used for a long time, it will be easy to clean. Leather prevents dust, lint, animal hair or cigarette smoke from penetrating and keeps the surface clean for long periods of time.