Different packaging of gift box adopts different processes


Gift boxes have a history of thousands of years. Up to […]

Gift boxes have a history of thousands of years. Up to now, due to the diversification of products, the packaging of goods has been dazzling, and there are more products that can be produced by mechanization such as folding cartons, cartons, pvc, pet boxes. However, in the field of packaging cartons, gift boxes still occupy an important position. China is a country that is very advocating for its unconventionality, so many products, including its packaging, will be marked with a deep "self-unique" brand. Many of the paper hard boxes used are of course not excusable, and the so-called "shaped boxes" originate from this. High, round, hexagonal, octagonal, arc-shaped, heart-shaped... All kinds of odd-shaped or hard-working paper hard boxes seem to be done by manual work.

The processing technology of the MDF gift box is more complicated, and different packaging adopts different processes. If printed on foil cardboard, the book clamshell MDF gift box is similar to the mid-range packaging process, except that the printed surface is manually affixed to the cardboard. As a means of realizing the value of goods and the value of use, packaging is an indispensable part of the production, circulation and sales of goods. With the development of the times and the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements for products, packaging has bid farewell to the original single practical function, which has become the dissemination of commodity information, the enhancement of commodity value, and the occupation of the market. The packaging shape and structural design of the gift box, the packaging design is also more serious than the usual method of manufacturing. The packaging material and the environment were not fused, and the right white paper was not affixed to the cardboard, and the printed film was die-cut.

The boxes can be sorted by material or by product name. Now it has evolved into wood, paper and other materials. The box can protect the products in transit and improve the grade of the products. The packaging of the product is an important part of the product. It not only plays a protective role in the transportation process, but also directly relates to the comprehensive quality of the product.