Details determine the success or failure of plastic packaging boxes


Everyone knows that the purpose of the plastic boxes is […]

Everyone knows that the purpose of the plastic boxes is designed to increase the aesthetics of its own products and to facilitate consumer portability. The beautiful plastic packaging box mainly attracts our eyes. There are two points: one is "exquisite printing", and the other is "unique design"; the plastic box is used between opening and closing, and opening and closing is to know whether a plastic box is exquisite. No features. The plastic packaging box has these two points, so we like the packaging box very much. It adds a unique design to the opening and uses a lot of techniques. The middle is disconnected and looks separate. It is actually one. The print design is very clear and simple. It makes people feel clean, stylish and atmospheric. There will be a desire to buy, at least you see it in such a plastic packaging box, you will understand it, this is the charm of the plastic box.


Brand planning

Brand planning refers to the process of brand positioning and planning for customers through the mining of consumer needs, analysis of competitive brands and research on market trends, and the process of visualization and differentiation to achieve a clear brand spirit and image. Shaping will eventually produce brand value and improve the market competitiveness of customer products. Brand planning mainly includes brand core positioning and image design, brand system management, and channel guidance and execution.


Integrated packaging design

Packaging integrated design business is based on the characteristics of customer products, based on product positioning, product style strategy to tap the cultural background related to the product, combined with the end consumer's psychological needs, considering the realization of costs, packaging integration design. Services mainly include product line positioning, packaging design, process material structure research and development, packaging production guidance, product display guidance, etc. The process runs from product strategy to creative design as well as the overall production line of final product trial production and processing.



Brand communication

Brand communication business refers to the company passing the established customer brand image to the target consumer group through advertising, public relations activities, promotional activities and other means, and ultimately the target consumer group forms a recognition of the customer brand. Brand communication services include communication strategies, setting of core communication concepts, execution of brand communication guidance, and implementation of staged promotional activities.


plastic packaging box production

Packaging production business refers to the transformation of designers' packaging design works into packaging products through the cooperation of process R & D personnel, structure R & D personnel and production personnel, through creative design solutions, process structure research and development, cost and quality control provided by customers Carry out mass production, convert the design results into actual products and provide them to customers. The mass-produced packaging products can fully achieve the goal of the design work and achieve the effect of integrating the design and the finished product. Packaging production mainly involves the outer packaging of cosmetics, electronic products, alcohol, FMCG, etc.

The attractive plastic packaging box is in the details. Formed its charm. An exquisite and beautiful gift box is sure to attract people, but if its design details are specially designed, then it can form its charm and attract customers' attention. The main thing is its design details. Each beautiful box will have a unique design that attracts you, and these designs are often in some details.