Characteristics of the development of packaging design culture


Because the culture of the whole world does not come fr […]

Because the culture of the whole world does not come from the same source, of course there is a problem of nationality. The nationality of the packaging box design culture is mainly reflected in the conceptual level of the packaging box design culture structure, which reflects the psychological commonality of the entire nation. Different nationalities and different environments cause different cultural concepts, which are directly and indirectly manifested in their own design activities and products.

Such as the scientific, logical, rigorous, and rational modeling style of German design, Japanese novelty, dexterity, lightness and humanity, as well as the elegant and romantic atmosphere of Italian design, these are all born from the cultural concepts of their different nationalities Atmosphere. The smoothness, completeness, morality, and completeness and symmetry of the design style of Chinese packaging boxes are also the reflection of the inward psychological characteristics and relatively conservative social consciousness of our people.

Because the design organization system is born out of the design consciousness concept, it is the materialization of design consciousness and is derived from the national design consciousness. Therefore, its activities and practical results under the guidance of people's design concept are all covered with different national colors. National brand.

Of course, the nationality of the packaging box design culture is not only a stable and conservative side. It is in the unity with the times, with the changes in social life and social concepts, and also in the unity of the opposite Update and develop its own characteristics. Therefore, we can stay in our self-consciousness and embark on the path of national standardization; otherwise, we will be absolutely in a place of our own.