Basic definition of the leather boxes


The leather box packaging is largely made of PU leather […]

The leather box packaging is largely made of PU leather and other car lines. Its exquisite shape and decoration promote the beautification of goods and enhance the competitiveness of the products. Since the shape and structural design of the leather box are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many styles and types, such as rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped leather box, cylindrical, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically The same, that is, the choice of materials - design dimensions - manufacturing templates - glue bonding - sewing - joint into a box.

"Cortical packaging" is defined as: leather as the main raw material for animal leather or imitation of animal dermal properties; fabric, linen, and special filling paper as accessories; wood or plastic for bone stent; environmental protection and reuse For the purpose of social responsibility; the leather craftsmanship of the excellent leather work workshop is the manufacturing means; the design and production of products that are oriented by packaging other commodities is called leather packaging.