A new direction in the development of color box packaging industry


Packaging is not only an artistic creation, but also a […]

Packaging is not only an artistic creation, but also a competitive means of expanding the sales of goods. “Packaging sales” is a kind of marketing method commonly used by enterprises. Therefore, packaging juice should focus on packaging strategies in order to better utilize packaging. Promotional features.

Serialized packaging strategy: This is the more popular packaging strategy in contemporary international packaging design. It is a uniform design of a company's products or a trademark, a brand of different types of products, with a common packaging feature. Such as the use of special modeling features, fonts, logos, colors, patterns, etc. to unify the product packaging in the series. Make each product packaging has a unified identification, highlighting the brand image, and the packaging of each product reflects its Personality characteristics. Applying this packaging strategy can create two advantages: first. The package group with its unified image features constitutes a prominent commodity family, which attracts people's attention. Secondly, it can play a role in expanding sales. Consumers buy one of the series products, such as its quality. Satisfied, then there will be a sense of trust in all products in the series, which will inevitably expand the brand influence.

What is the industry of color box packaging for those areas? In this way, in fact, the color box packaging package is also an indispensable industry. So why can the color box have a special status now? Because the color box has many advantages, for example, its texture is relatively light, and easy to carry, its raw material source is also very extensive. So today's society is a sustainable industry. The main development of paper-based packaging is also due to its environmental performance. Therefore, green is also a new direction in the development of this color box packaging industry.